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Limitations to Our Liability

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Privacy Practices

At OffersAtCart, we use browser cookies as a means to provide you with a seamless user experience. Cookies remember login sessions, keep user preferences intact, and speeds up site performance on subsequent visits. We also use cookies to track usage patterns to improve our overall services in future updates. Additionally, we will also make use of additional tracking technologies such as IP addresses, browsing fingerprinting, and pixel beacons to garner detailed usage patterns. However, OffersAtCart will not share nor sell any forms of data collected with third-party entities, and will make reasonable efforts to protect and preserve such data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Intellectual Property Rights

Aside from materials that explicitly fall underneath the creative-commons license, OffersAtCart prohibits the download and use of any information, text, displays, video, and audio as listed throughout this site. This restriction applies to the modification of materials, use of illustrations, photographs, and video and audio sequences for commercial purposes, deletions or alterations of copyrights, trademarks, and any other applicable proprietary rights. The unauthorized usage of materials as mentioned above is considered a breach of these Terms of Service, and will also carry further implications by copyright and trademark laws.

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Payment Processing

Payment processing is handled externally from OffersAtCart. Whenever you choose to purchase a product or a service listed within this site, we will redirect you to a relevant vendor site, upon which you must input your payment details (email address, credit card info, etc.) as required to finalize payment. For additional details on how these vendor sites process your personal information, kindly refer to their privacy policy and terms of service statements. In certain instances, OffersAtCart may facilitate users with integrated payment processing services within the site itself.

Accessing Products and Services

Upon paying for products and services listed within this site, you will be sent a confirmation email to the address provided during the checkout procedure. You will be given a set of specific instructions that you can then use to access the product or service. Do remember that the payment medium used for the transaction must clear the authentication systems in place before successful product delivery. You may be asked for additional information in certain cases to facilitate verification. If you purchase a product or service after being redirected to a third-party vendor site, you will also be subjected to additional terms related to the particular site.

OffersAtCart may also offer free trials to customers. Depending on the product, you may be asked for billing information prior to commencement of the trial as a means to ensure a seamless transition into a paid purchase of subscription. Kindly refer to the terms of the trial, and if required, cancel your trial before the billing period commences to avoid being charged. Similar to paid products, free trials are also delivered to the email address provided to us or to the third-party vendor site at checkout.

Usage of Affiliate Links

OffersAtCart may use affiliate links throughout the site to generate revenue. However, OffersAtCart shall make no representations in regards to the validity or accuracy of any forms of content that you are subjected upon being directed to a third-party vendor site; this includes the various products or services as well as the various activities conducted by such sites. Since they are performed completely independently to OffersAtCart, we shall bear no responsibility in any way whatsoever.

Notifications of Changes

OffersAtCart may revise the terms and conditions as laid out within this statement from time to time. We will try our utmost to notify you of any changes (material or immaterial) in the form of banner notifications or via email to the account of any registered email account. All changes to the terms and conditions as listed within this page are assumed to be in effect immediately, and by the continued use of this site, you consent to the fact.