The preservation and protection of user data is of paramount importance to us here at OffersAtCart. For more details on exactly how we go about handling your user data, please read our Privacy Policy statement as laid out below. It contains our policies on data collection, the means with which we use to collect and handle data, as well as our usage and stance on browser cookies.

Upon visiting OffersAtCart, located at the web address “,” it is assumed that you accept all the terms of this Privacy Policy statement. Each and every update to this statement is assumed to be in effect immediately, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise.

Why We Collect Data

At OffersAtCart, we collect data about our visitors for a number of reasons; these fall squarely into a number of categories — to conduct analytics, to engage in promotional activities, to display ads and services, and to respond to inquiries and requests. Additionally, we may also use data to notify you of changes and updates to our products and services, as well as to comply with legal obligations. We do not collect any information in excess to that required for the aforementioned purposes, nor do we collect data with the sole intention of selling personal information to third-party entities.

How We Collect Data

In addition to information that you provide to us directly via mediums such as registration forms and contact forms, such as your username, password, and email address, we also employ the services of an array of technologies to further facilitate this process. Primarily, we make use of browser cookies (additional information about cookies further below), but we may also rely on IP addresses, browser fingerprinting scripts, and pixel beacons to identify and track user activities. These technologies provide us with detailed data, which we can then use to not only provide you with a better and a much focused service, but to also improve the contents and elements of our site in future updates.

Third-Party Access

OffersAtCart may also employ the services of payment processing platforms and statistics generation services such as cleverbridge AG and Histats. Since we rely on affiliate sales to generate revenue, these services also aid us in garnering additional usage statistics in regards to sales, purchases, and clickthrough rates. They may deploy additional cookies to facilitate these services, and may process, and even store, certain amounts of information for the services that we have authorized them to provide us with. Usually, such data is anonymized as a means to prevent the identification of users.

Usage of Cookies

Cookies are bits of information that are placed locally on your device. They are used for a range of purposes. On the user-end, they serve as a means for websites to function effectively on web browsers. In addition to that, they also provide visitors with an array of advantages in terms of personalization. Cookies keep track of login sessions, remember preferences in subsequent visits, and improve site-wide performance. In general usage, cookies are critical to a seamless browser experience.

For us at OfferAtCart, using cookies translates into a range of benefits, such as enabling us to track sales, identify user interactions, and segment users based on location. However, we do our utmost to preserve and protect any information that we glean through our usage of cookies. In compliance with the highest ethical and legal standards, we will not share any information with analytical agencies, advertising firms, or other third-parties.

Browser Privacy

Considering the numerous advantages of site cookies, web browsers are automatically configured to accept them. There might be certain exceptions, such as with certain mobile-centric browsers that emphasize user privacy. Additionally, certain regions may restrict sites from placing cookies locally unless it has explicit user consent — such as a pop-up dialog box with an option that users must click on to confirm.

If you are concerned about your privacy, you can instruct your browser to restrict the usage of cookies. Do remember that any such limitations apply to not only OffersAtCart, but also to all websites in general. Please use the following links for more details on modifying the privacy settings for a number of major browsers.

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For additional details in regards to the usage of cookies, consider visiting directories such as and These directories contain a wealth of information in regards to cookie functionality, as well as the advantages and potential privacy implications that they bring to the table.

Policy Changes and Queries

Continued usage of OffersAtCart is taken as an explicit form of consent to all of our policies as listed within this Privacy Policy statement. In the event that OffersAtCart makes any changes, material or immaterial, to the policies listed here, you also consent to the fact that they are in effect immediately. Please contact us for any queries in regards to this Privacy Policy statement. Click on the Contact Us link found within the footer section of any page within this site to access our contact form.